ROM Hack [Help/Graphics Hack] Ouendan 2 - Deleting Hit Markers?


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Dec 27, 2015
I guess a little bit of 'backstory' is needed to explain why I want to do this so "explanation is go!"

So, I was talking with my friend (which originally started only half seriously) about performing a dance cover of a Vocaloid song in some Anime Covention. During the conversation I asked her if she has seen Japanese guys cheer leading. After posting a video about it, I posted her a video of Ouendan 2 (this) and suggested the dance they were dancing on the background. After this she pointed out that the only problem learning the dance is the quality of the video and that the hit markers are in way. I CAN record a higher quality version, but now I need to hack the game so that the hit markers won't be visible at all.

This whole thing wouldn't be such issue, but the 3D models and the hit markers are all on the same layer, so trying to hide the hit markers that way will get rid of the 3D models too. I can find the correct graphics and palettes in DeSmuMe's debugging tools, but the problem is trying to edit them. I can use Tile Layer Pro to view the graphics, but the ROM is so big and the graphics are badly organized so it's nearly impossible for me to find the correct graphics. Another option is to use Action Replay codes to hack the palettes so that the palettes used for the hit markers would be recolored as the 'transparent' color.

And by the way, I'm already using the Auto Play Action Replay code, so technically all that needs to be hidden is:
-hit circles
-slider ball and it's follow circle
-slider ticks (small dots in the slider's path)
-slider reverse arrow
-approach circles
-circle numbers
-300 score marker
-"perfect combo" marker (displayed at the end of the combo if you got 300 from everything in that combo)
-*optionally* spinners

Most of these probably share same palettes, so palette hacking probably is the best kind of approach.
Any other suggestions for this?

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