Hacking HELP!! Forwarder Nightmare


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Sep 14, 2009
Firstly, I apologize if this has been dealt with before but I really need some help. I bought a Wii (3.0E system menu) and used Bannerbomb to install Homebrew Channel. I installed some FULL channels and it worked perfectly. I then installed some forwarders for GeexBox and CFG USB Loader but the forwarders do not work. When I try to run them, they just reboot back to the System Menu. When i run the apps from the Homebrew Channel, it runs perfectly. I had another Wii before with MODCHIP (3.1E) and can confirm that all these forwarders worked.

Thinking it must be the old menu system, I upgraded to 3.2E using a NUS dowloaded wad, but the same problem. I have the following installed:

Upgrade to system 3.2E
HomeBrew Channel
CIOS 38 Rev 14
Hermes IOS 222
Wad Manager 1.4
BootMii V3

Also, I tried 2 different SD Cards but with the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry again if this has been dealt with before... I have done so much reading over the last few days that I am losing my mind. I always find queries like mine but no solution was provided to any of them. GBATemp and its community is what got me started in the Homebrew game and I hope you will help me with my problem.

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