Homebrew Help fixing DS/DSi functionality on European 3DS (9.4.0-21E)


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Sep 14, 2009
I am trying to get DS/DSi game forwarding using CIAs to work on my 3DS. I run the latest Luma and the most recent firmware [11.10.0-43] (see below, if you need any information on what I have done so far).

I followed this guide. However, installed CIAs appear as a blank rotating icon, which, when I press to start, lead to the following error screen:

"An error has occurred.
Press and hold the POWER button
to turn the system off.
Please refer to the Operations
Manual for details."

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Originally, I thought the problem revolved primarily around this process, which involves fixing TWL. However, as I said, although it has restored DS/DSi functionality for officially purchased DSiWare, and game cartridges, it does not allow me to run installed CIA forwarders for DS/DSi games. Original post follows:

I installed CFW (Luma - latest version) using the full process @ 3ds.hacks.guide which was successful on my 9.4.0-21E first-gen (ambassador edition) old 3DS. It works fine, and can install and run CIAs and homebrew as expected. 3DS games/software function correctly without any issues.

However, while trying to find a way to run DS/DSi software via CIA forwarding, I realized that this functionality is broken.

I understand that this is a common issue, as evident here and here [to mods: if any of these links is not allowed, please let me know and I will remove it]. The solution, on 3ds.hacks.guide, seems quite straightforward. However, I have read that the most recent firmware does affect CFW on European systems. I could not find any reports that clarify whether these guides can still be followed, after the recent firmware updates by Nintendo. I wouldn't want to lose CFW for this.

To make things worse, I followed only the first part of the 3ds.hacks.guide process, meaning I removed the broken TWL files using TWLFix-CFW. DS/DSi games were not running before, but now when I attempt to run them I get a more serious looking error that says:

"An error has occurred: Failed to mount CTRNAND. Press any button to shut down."

This to me sounds as if I have soft-bricked all DS/DSi functionality. (This is, as I understand, exactly what TWLFix-CFW does, so that's ok?)

I read through this but I was not sure if my case was the same or not, so I decided not to follow this guide. I also found this, which seems relevant, but again I do not want to touch anything until some one who knows can instruct me.

Hopefully someone can help me restore DS/DSi functionality, and also finally get forwarder CIA games to work. I am using my own game cartridge to rip the game from.

Edit: Went ahead and updated, and DS/DSi game functionality is partially restored. However, game DS/DSi game forwarding still does not work.
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