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    May 20, 2014
    Greetings fellow users.

    as you can tell from the title, i need help with a Certain Flashcart. (also, just gonna go ahead and say that i will upload pics from my garbage paper phone, so, sorry for that...)

    Well, i have a DSI in V1.41U and an R4iTTDS (website is www.r4itt.net), more specifically, this one: CAM00421.jpg (notice the screw on the back) CAM00422.jpg

    So, what is the problem? well, for some odd Reasons, the menu in the Hub is all weird and glitchy, at first, it doesnt play the Background music that usually plays in the main Menu for Selecting games, however, the background is also missing and the MAIN Menu (well, whole menu for selecting games is also bad) is all glitchy CAM00420.jpg like this.

    (for the record, the Game Menu SHOULD look like this: CAM00419.jpg )

    I follow the process to "update" the flashcart (as its no longer being supported i think), to temporaly fix the Menu, but it goes back like this every time i open up any game and return to the menu. I even used the Homebrew Menu to run Colors! the drawing app for the DS and after i returned to the main hub, the menu simply was a black screen (or it may have froze, i couldnt tell since there was only white noise).

    So, what i want to know, is, how can i fix this? i doubt its a Remaining Space issue cuz i have like 500 MB free. and i dont think its a game i installed issue. Black 2 is the most "exigent" game i have, the flashcart can run it (its a Fix Rom tho), and it started glitching up like this before i put it there.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
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