Has anyone sent their 3DS in for water damage repair?

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    I have a launch/ambassador 3DS, and it died from a water spill. I know it's not covered under warranty, and I don't really expect them to cover it, but sometimes companies will do you a favor if you say the right things.

    Just wondering what the experience was sending it in, if there's anything you can say to get a warranty exception.
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    I technicaly sent my 3ds to them but I didn't knew it had water damage. I had circle pad problems when I turned it in but when they received it, I received an e-mail from Nintendo saying my 3ds had water damage and canceled my warranty. the good thing was that the circle pad was fixed, however my r button for some reason didnt work anymore

    hope this helps
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    a friend sent his 3ds in, it was under warranty. the issue was of course a bad shoulder button. they said that the warranty doesn't cover drops and that the charge port was broke. he called and they didn't really say why his 3ds wasn't cover for a simple shoulder button fix but they did say that they put it under broken charge port because that is something that apparently wasn't covered. so they sent it back and the shoulder button worked. I don't know what to think.
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    they sure love using the "water" excuse for c-pad issues... have they ever heard of sweat on thumbs from game play?.. they use that excuse every time and force u to pay the repair fees.. i had no water related damage on my cpad issue under warranty, and they had the balls to claim it was water damage and if i refused the exchange, id get my system back with all data erased.. some deal...
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    I bet that if you send in a brand new 3DS, they will try and make up excuses so you'd have to pay repairs.

    I never send in anything for repairs.
    Nothing broke on me as well.