Hacking Hardware Black Screen after injecting payload (+ possible water damage)


Sep 16, 2022
United States
Similar problem that others have ran into around here, complicated by some other issues.

I have an unpatched switch and had been running CFW for a few weeks, mostly just atmosphere. My wife was playing while the switch had low battery, then she spilled her cup of water on it. She turned it off quickly and we did what we could to dry it out. (Blew on it, sat it next to a dehumidifier for several days.) Auto RCM was on. Since then, I've not been able to get the screen to turn on, but my payload launchers recognize the device when its connnected. I've tried holding the power button for many suggested durations (3s - 30s); charging for a few days on the nintendo charger, no the dock; launching payloads from windows and android; launching lockpick_RCM in case it was a problem with the sd card; formatting a new sd card; updating hekate, atmosphere, and sigpatches; deleting installed themes that could interfere with an update.

The thing I notice that's different from most accounts I've heard here and reddit is that it doesn't seem like I can turn the power off to get it out of RCM. When in RCM, no matter how long I hold the power button, it still is recognized by Tegra or Rekado. The only way it stops showing up is if I launch a payload, which Tegra will say was successful, but nothing happens.

Possible problems:

-water damage, obviously. I replaced the battery and there's been no change in how the switch acts. There did not look to be any corrosion on the inside and the water damage indicator wasn't even triggered (still red dots on white background). I imagine there's a lot more that water damage could do, so any pointers of where to next look would be appreciated.

-battery dead and device stuck in Auto RCM. When we turned off the switch after the spill, it could have easily been put it RCM. I would think a new battery would have enough charge to boot the system, though.

If anybody has suggestions, please let me know. I would say its just fried from water damage, but the fact that the payload launchers recognize it keep giving me hope (plus the untriggered water indicator). Glad to provide any more information that would be helpful.

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