Harvest Moon DS Island of Happiness Questions :)

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    I've reached the 255th floor of the mine but i can't go down anymore. Nothing special happened. Is it really like that?

    How do I unlock the area at the back of the house of the tribal people?

    I play as a girl and who are the people I can marry? I've unlocked Vaugh, Elliot and Shea. How do I unlock the others?

    How do I get a fishing rod?

    How do I get a horse and dog? I see a dog near the H. Godess's spring.

    How do I unlock more cooking recipes?

    How do I unlock the sheep animal?

    Is there also a duck that I can own?

    That's all.

    Thanks to those who'll answer.
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    try gamefaqs you'll get a faster reply
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    yo should post it in the help section
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    1. Shamelessly stolen from here:At the bottom of the mine you'll be congratulated by the Harvest Goddess. As a reward for reaching the bottom, she will give you either a Wonderful Stone or a cooking recipe, depending on how many times you have reached the 255th floor. If the number is odd (your 1st time, 3rd time, etc.) then you will be given a randomly-colored Wonderful. If the number is even (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) then you will get a cooking recipe that can not be learned from the Diner or Cafe.
    2. Dunno :/
    3. http://www.fogu.com/hm7/index.php -> Villagers / Bachelors
    4. Give Taro a gift everyday (IIRC he likes Dog Food) and at some point he'll give you the Fishing Rod (IIRC when he has 2 Hearts).
    5. To get a Horse raise Chen's friendship level to 2 Hearts. If the weather is clear, Chen will come and give you a Horse. As for the Dog, you have to befriend Mirabelle to at least 2 Hearts and walk in the forest where you have seen the Dog on a rainy/drizzly/snowy day. You also need to have at least 1 animal in your farm.
    6. Shamelessly stolen from here: Recipes can be learned from Luke and Madelynn in E.Town. Give the Diner and Cafe owners cooking ingredients, and in exchange they will give you a cooking recipe to use in your kitchen. You can get a recipe from them once a day, and the same ingredient can be used multiple times to get different recipes.
    7. You need to have unlocked at least 2 boy farmer sub-villagers. See here on how to get them.
    8. Dunno :/

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