[Guide] RxTools Autoboot on o3DS using HomeMenuHax

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    Jun 13, 2013
    I've had a 100% boot rate with this, so I wrote a quick guide (for myself) but decided to share, a few others have had good results with this too so I decided to make a proper post

    Feel free to skip steps you know you've completed, but for this I just did a backup and started from scratch. Messing with my previous setup just caused tons of random issues and my boot rate was pretty low.

    original here: http://pastebin.com/Htqd2Zdj

    First of all, I'm using Ninjhax (v1), I also have a Gateway and Pasta, but all you really need is access to the Homebew Loader.

    I'm also using a 9.2 3DS.

    I zipped up the RxTools Nightly and Boot.3dsx I'm using. Available here:

    Pre reqs

    Have access to the homebrew loader, have access to internet.

    Backup your SD card

    Have the zip I linked extracted to your SD card.

    Setting up unlinked Emunand

    If you have a Gateway card, remove it

    Open the o3ds web browser, navigate to http://go.gateway-3ds.com/

    You should see the gateway menu, scroll along until you see the Format Emunand option

    Activate this option and wait for it to finish, once it's done, reboot without the SD card

    Go to settings and format your system, it will need internet access but WONT update, so dont worry.

    Installing HomeMenuHax + RxTools

    Setup Wi-Fi on your 3DS (should be in freshly wiped SYSNAND, hax free)

    Go back to the Home Screen and click the upper left settings icon, then choose a theme (even basic red)

    Quickly load up your Homebrew Loader (via Ninjhax or whatever) and choose RxTools

    Follow the onscreen steps to install RxTools


    Quickly load up your Homebrew Loader (via Ninjhax or whatever) and choose HomeMenuHax

    Follow the onscreen steps to install the exploit

    Reboot and hold L (skips HomeMenuHax), go into the 3DS Settings and delete the network settings (so SYSNAND wont update)

    Power off the 3DS, remove the SD card and put it in your computer

    Rename boot.3dsx to HBL.3dsx (or just delete it), rename bootrx.3dsx to boot.3dsx

    Booting into Emunand

    Put the Sd card back into the 3DS and turn it on, while the system tries to load the theme, it'll trigger the HomeMenuHax exploit, which loads boot.3dsx, which (in this case) calls RxTools, which then autoboots to Emunand.

    The first thing you should do is go into Settings and verify that the system version number shows as 'RX-E', that means you've booted into Emunand!

    The second thing you should do is change the Emunand theme+layout, so if you ever accidentally boot into sysnand, you'll know. I have a bunch of folders on my Sysnand, that spell out SYSNAND so I never accidentally update.

    And lastly

    Injecting CIA installer

    reboot the 3DS, when all the HomeMenuHax text first pops up on the screen ('Hello'), immediately press and hold L

    You should see the RxTools menu, navigate to Advanced, and FBI injection. If you attempt to install it to EMUNAND, it'll tell you some information, region and a number.

    In my case the region was eur, and the number was 3077.

    On the SD card, I went to E:\fbi_injection\eur\v3077 and moved the two files (fbi_inject.app, fbi_inject.tmd) to the root of the SD card (E:)

    Reboot back intot he RxTools menu, and re-attempt to inject FBI, it should work this time, replacing the health and safety app.


    Thats all the steps, seems like a lot but now whenever I turn on my 3DS i'm in a safe emunand environment, without having to load up and wait for gateway or cubic ninja.
    I also dumped my backup folder into my emunand SD and all my old games, saves etc appeared without a problem :)

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    Sep 5, 2015
    Still only possible to fw up to 9.2 right?
  3. weeandykidd

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Until >9.2 gets kernel exploit then yeah, SKY3DS (and clones) is your only option.
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    Oct 13, 2014
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    Great tutorial. I skipped some steps as I already had things set up. But the files provided worked, so far getting a 100% boot rate. At least I think, I can't remember if my last fail was before this or after. I'm thinking before. I may do the tutorial from the beginning because sometimes homemenuhax doesn't work. Rarely, like 1/10 boots.

    Off topic, what kind of keyboard do you have? I'm thinking it looks like the Logitech G910, which I have.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    Might be worth it to add a section about getting 4.5-8.x firmware SYSNANDS updated to 9.2.0-20 using sysupdater (in rxTools dev mode, launching that via webkithax and having installed FBI)?
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  6. weeandykidd

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    Jun 13, 2013
    I get 100% boot rate just like in the video, I wish I knew what it was down to but can't seem to find out - but yeah might be worth a go.

    I use a Ducky Shine 3, year of the snake - cherry mx red

    I'll look into that, personally I've never had to do that - but I'll read some guides and see what I can do.
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    I'd like to give this a try on my o3DS, but it's sysNAND runs on 8.1.0... meaning no themes. I've already unlinked the NANDs and got RxTools working however. How do I get sysNAND updated to 9.2.0?
  8. Adeka

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    Update with sysupdater or super smash bros rev2

    My Boot rate is crap. I'm going to see if this guide can fix it.
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    Edit nevermind.
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    I'm guessing since I got my copy of Smash on launch day it ain't going to be r2? Bah. Time to look into sysupdater since my o3DS is still on 4.5
  11. rasqba

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Thanks, this is the only guide which helped me achieve an acceptable (~98%) boot rate. I think its thanks to this rxTools boot.3dsx, other ones arent that good.
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    Nov 19, 2014
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    Thanks for this guide Bro works like a charm. Yea I'd say 98% as well which is great! Thanks again
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  13. Alex3dss

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    Aug 21, 2015
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    This works for rxtools 2.6?
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    Dosent work