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    I own a Wii U and a 3DS. For reasons I’ll not explain I set up 2 different NNIDs, one for each system. I since changed my mind and wanted to use a single NNID for both (keep the one linked to the 3DS, delete the one linked to the Wii U). Seeing as Nintendo has made the whole NNID process stupidly restricted/complicated, what I wanted to achieve seemed impossible...looking at the NNID settings on the Wii U I had 2 options;
    • Delete the user account and leave the NNID intact
    • Delete the user account and the NNID
    I wanted neither of these. Deleting my user account would mean I’d lose my savegames. Where’s the 3rd option to only delete the NNID? Come on Nintendo!

    The 3DS on the other hand has a different way of going about things. NNID’s can be deleted from a 3DS without effecting the savadata on the machine. I had an idea and wondered whether deleting the NNID on the 3DS would also remove it from the Wii U. Turns out it does…


    You’ll need a 3DS/2DS system that hasn’t already had a NNID linked to it (or, if you’re running an unlinked emuNAND, you can use your sysNAND to perform the deletion - this is the method I used seeing as I wanted to keep the NNID linked to my emuNAND).


    This will permanently delete the NNID from Nintendo’s servers. If this account has purchases on it or any remaining wallet balance you’ll lose them forever. Also, although the NNID username will be deleted, you won't be able to use the same username ever again.


    First you’ll need to link the NNID you want deleted to your 3DS. It’s a straightforward process of following the steps…if you can do this without assistance great, if not follow the video below.

    (skip to 1:25 for 3DS guide)

    • Once linked you’ll need to delete the NNID. Head back to the NNID Settings and sign in.
    • Once signed in, scroll over to page 3 on the touch screen and tap the “Other” button. From the new menu that pops up select “Delete Nintendo Network ID”.
    • A new list of options opens up. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “I want to delete my Nintendo Network ID…”. You’ll get a few warning messages popping informing you that purchases/balance/licences will get deleted. Tap “OK” on these.
    • Next you’ll get a (very) long scrolling list of exactly what’s getting deleted. Have a read, scroll through and hit the corresponding “I agree…” checkboxes to confirm you want to delete the NNID.
    • Another warning pops up, hit OK then you’ll be asked to enter the password for the NNID. Do it.
    • One final warning pops up. Hit OK if you’re absolutely, definitely, completely, totally 100% sure (!) you want to delete the NNID.
    • After a short time a confirmation box pops up informing you that the NNID has been deleted (finally!)

    Now, onto the Wii U

    After booting the Wii U you’ll be prompted to sign into your NNID. After entering the password you’l be greeted with these screens;



    Success! The NNID has been deleted and unlinked from your Wii U. Heading into the User Settings menu (top left corner on Gamepad) will allow you to link a new NNID to your machine/user.

    The best part, this doesn’t seem to touch any of your savedata. I’ve literally just done this, loaded up Super Mario Maker and my custom levels are still there. I've not got time to test any other games right now, but a quick look at my Wii U Data Management still shows data for all my games.

    Note: although my save data appears to be intact, I won't be held responsible for any data loss that may occur. Do this at your own risk.
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