[Growing] Current save editors for use in SVDT/SDM

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    Since some things are scattered around, I guess it would be nice to link 'em all together in a single place, so hopefully I'll be active enough to keep updating this. :P

    In case you don't know what SDM/SVDT is...

    Before moving on to the main event of save editing and stuff, here are some essential utilities that you'll find useful in your 3DS Homebrew journey:
    • Save Data Manager by profi200 (post by LinkMain111). Simple tool for the 3DS to export save data. Duh...
    • SVDT by meladroit. Same function as SDM, but a bit more versatile. Haven't tried it out, so I can't give an opinion :P. EDIT. This has a special beta feature that allows automatic secure value updating, so the tool below can be omitted in some cases.
    • Antisavegame Restore/Secure Value Updater + Rumble World Secure Value Updater by suloku. Useful computer utility that helps update the secure value of some games to avoid corruption/save rejection. It also has an extra tool for updating PKM Rumble World's secure value, due to its compressed file structure. (Tool currently supports: Smash 3DS, Pokemon XY/ORAS/Shuffle/Rumble World, AC:NL)
    • Simplok for the Homebrew Launcher by link6155. An "icon pack" for the launcher, which changes the icons for various homebrew apps to clean, simple, cool-looking icons.
    • The SMDH Creator by link6155 (Source code by GEMISIS). A forked version of the original "SMDH Creator" by GEMESIS. This editor has much more simplistic, user-friendly UI that allows you to make icons for your Homebrew apps with ease. If you're a Homebrew app creator, this will definitely help you out!
    • Homebrew Launcher with Sorting and Folder Support by suloku. If you're one of those guys that prefers an alphabetical order or folders in your homebrew menu, then this one's for you guys! ;)
    Now, without further ado, I present the editors:
    • [​IMG] PKHeX by Kaphotics. Extremely useful tool that can edit almost anything you want in Pokemon XY/ORAS. Who's not gonna want this?
    • [​IMG] Super Smash Bros. Save Editor by RandomUser. A simple save editor that allows you to unlock all characters (not DLC characters, of course), trophies, custom moves, stages, headgear, outfits, and powers; as well as edit Smash Run power slots & a few statistics.
    • [​IMG] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Editor by marc_max. Special online editor that can edit your savefile by uploading it, editing it on the browser, and later downloading the new edited file.
    • [​IMG] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Offline Editor by Kaphotics. In case you don't want to use the online editor, this downloadable editor can do just as much as the online editor, without the need of an Internet connection.
    • [​IMG] Kid Icarus Uprising Save Editor by szymbar15. Editor that can unlock achievements and trophies, as well as change a few stats. Weapon editing is not available in this editor, due to the creator's choice; but you can edit weapons if you want (look below).
    • [​IMG] Pokemon Rumble World Diamonds/P Tool by SciresM. This editor allows changing the number of Diamonds and P you have, as well as change your rank and your toy Pokemon's characteristics.
    • [​IMG] Pokemon Shuffle Save Editor by SciresM. Another editor made by SciresM. Change the number of your usable items, caught Pokemon, stage scores, and more.
    • [​IMG] Super Mario 3D Land Save Editor by DaBlackDeath. A simple editor that can edit the lives & Star Coins values for each of the 3 files available in the game.
    • [​IMG] New Super Mario Bros. 2 Save Editor [WIP] by TheToxicRyu. This work-in-progress editor currently only allows changing the coin and lives value; but it will later have more features, as well as a level editor in the future!
    • [​IMG] New Super Mario Bros. 2 Save Editor by DaBlackDeath. Made for his neice, this editor is also made for NSMB2. This is probably a similar editor to the one above, but this allows changing the Star Coin value!
    • [​IMG] FireEditor FE:A Save Editor (WIP) by Olmectron. A currently-being-updated editor that allows the edition of certain components in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Requires Java.
    • [​IMG] Sonic Lost World Save Editor by DaBlackDeath. Another simple editor from DaBlackDeath. Can edit the value of lives and materials. Told ya it was simple.
    • [​IMG] Fantasy Life Save Editor/Viewer by mvmiranda. A powerful editor that can edit many values in the game, including character's name, pets' names, XP, bliss, etc.
    • [​IMG] Monster Hunter 4 Save Editor by didix16. An online editor made specifically for MH4U. I haven't tried it, so I can't tell how good it is.
    • [​IMG] Another MH4U Save Editor by APM. If you don't want to use an online editor, this one can get the job done.
    • [​IMG] MH3U Save Editor GUI by Gocario. Pretty cool editor made to edit a lot of things in MH3U, like characteristics of the player, money, equipment, etc.
    • [​IMG] Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Save Editor (WIP) by Agent Moose. A work-in-progress editor that allows you to edit many aspects of this game. Right now, you're able to max out MP and unlock all songs.
    • [​IMG] Bravely Default Village Save Editor by Oswarlan. A save editor that can edit your village's population and building level.
    • [​IMG] Rune Factory 4 Save Editor by seikur0. This editor has a good amount of options to choose and edit from. I'm not sure if this is compatible with SDM/SVDT, since it requires .sav files. It does work with SDM/SVDT. Thanks, adiktus!
    • [​IMG] Tharsis Forge (Etrian Odyssey IV Save Editor) Save Editor (WIP) by xdaniel. An editor that's currently adding in more features that allows the edition of save files of Etrian Odyssey IV.
    The following are not posts to save editors, but they have information on a game's save data structure. You can use any hex editor to do your changes. Be careful when doing changes with a hex editor, and ALWAYS backup your saves!
    If you're interested in the changes I made to the list (which aren't gonna be many of you), here's a nice changelog:

    Travel in time...

    Special thanks to:
    Smealum for giving the possibility of homebrew for 3DS 9.2+. I'm seriously grateful for it.
    All save editor creators above for putting their work into a program we can use instead of us doing some crazy hex editing stuff.
    All save-data investigators for releasing info on a game's save structure. This helped some people when an editor wasn't available.
    All other programmers who were involved for releasing useful tools that helped us enjoy our homebrew/save editing to the max.
    All you guys reading for taking your time in looking at this odd post.

    If I miss anything, put a wrong link, or you just wanna go on and say all the typos I've done, don't hesitate and feel free to tell me, and I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to.

    See ya. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play some Smash with Kirby. ;)
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    Nice topic !
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    Any chance of a Mario Kart 7 save editor? Or at maybe some information on the save data structure? :unsure:
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    RF4 Save Editor by seikur0 is definitely compatible with SDM. I haven't tried SVDT yet. SDM actually extracts the save in the same format as needed by the editor.
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    Forgot to say, I've linked to this in my tutorial rather than maintain my own list.
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    Kid Icarus weapon editor huh?
    I suppose that game is old enough to kill online multiplayer with hacked weapons. Goodbye, KI:U online multiplayer!
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    I could see this getting sticky'd... This is great thanks!
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    Michigan, USA
    It works- you can edit ACNL saves exported by SDM and import them again after editing. Tested it myself earlier- no CFW or anything- just tubehax.

    SDM does glitch out graphically when you choose that game in HL, but you can still dump/inject the saves with A and B.
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    For now, there's no save editor nor any info on its structure. You can still experiment for yourself to find those offsets, just be really careful when doing this. If you do happen to find some useful information, make sure to share it with the community. ;)
    Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to put that up.
    Thanks! I actually looked at this before, but I was almost positive that it only worked with the web-exploit; but thanks for the confirmation!
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    I was actually making this thread when that thread was posted, so I didn't realize it.
    But at least it's in a different thread group than this one, since I wanted to post this in a place for Ironhax/Tubehax/WhateverHax users.
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    I would want a Pokemon rumble blast save editor but all I can find is that free-to-play rumble world editors.
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    Mushroom Kingdom
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    Nice work, but why not make a wiki page and link to it in first post? Anyone can contribute that way, but I don't know if this forums can embed wiki pages in posts.
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    I say this post should get stickied... but that's just me
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    If there's no editor or known data on the save data structure, you can always try finding that information yourself by experimenting yourself. But, as usual, be really careful when you want to edit saves with this method.
    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that one. Thanks!
    Don't know. I think I prefer to make a direct post rather than a link to another website...that, and I don't know where to start to make a wiki of any sort. :P lol
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    Gbatemp has wiki
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    Huh...guess I never paid attention to that part of the top bar. :P
    Either way, I don't mind doing all the updates myself; I just gotta stay informed, that's all. ;)
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    Bullet Hell
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3D save editor??? I would be grateful!!!