Tomodachi Life Save Layout - WIP

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  1. drfsupercenter

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I decided to mess around with SaveDataFiler to see if I could figure anything out. I am starting with the "special foods" as they're a PITA to obtain normally, even using HomePass it will take forever and I still don't have them all.

    I've only found a few so far, as what I do is this:

    Open up the game, check how many of an item I have. Save game. Open SDF and export save to SD. Open Tomodachi Life again, feed one of the foods to a Mii, save game. Open SDF and export save to SD.

    I then open both files in a hex editor and compare. If, say, I started with 2 and ended with 1, I look for 02 -> 01.

    Here are the specific locations of a few items so far, I will be doing more in due time as I get the chance to do so.

    Alligator Fritters: Offset 19FB
    Aloha Musubi: Offset 19FF
    Baguette: Offset 19EB
    Barbeque Ribs:
    California Roll:
    Chicken Tikka Masala:
    Chili Con Carne:
    Chili Dog:
    Corn Bread:
    Country-Fried Steak:
    Crab Cakes:
    Crème Brûlée:
    Exotic Cuisine: Offset 19E2
    Falafel: Offset 1A0C

    Other foods you can normally only get via special means
    Ruined Meal: Offset 187A
    Moldy Bread: Offset 17F8
    Banana Peel: Offset 1825
    Birthday Cake: Offset 1848
    Spoiled Milk: Offset 1801

    Mii items:
    Age-O-Matic: Offset 18FF
    AR Camera: Offset 18FB
    Bath Set: Offset 18F5
    Cold Medicine: Offset 18F2
    Disposable Camera: Offset 18F3
    Fan: Offset 18F6
    Frying Pan: Offset 18F8
    Hair-Color Spray: Offset 18FE
    Hypnotizer: Offset 18F7
    Kaleidoscope: Offset 18FA
    Kid-O-Matic: Offset 1901
    Mobile: Offset 18F9
    Music Box: Offset 18F0
    Sewing Machine: Offset 18FD
    Slide Puzzle: Offset 18FC
    Stomach Medicine: Offset 18F1
    Swing: Offset 1900
    Travel Ticket: Offset 18F4

    This is specifically for the savedataArc.txt file that SDF gives. Note that I have not tried changing 0 to a positive number, only 1, 2, 3 etc to 99. Doing 100 or more will likely cause problems if not cause the save to show as corrupted, as they normally max out at 99. But in each case, I changed the value at 0xWhatever to 63 (hex for 99) and verified that it does work.

    If anyone else wants to help, I would greatly appreciate it. This can get done a whole lot faster with lots of us working on it! Now that rxTools with signature patches is out, you can easily load up rxMode if you have a retail card as well. (Use that to run SDF, installed via a Gateway or some other thing)
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  2. zongalito

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    sadly i dont know how to help in this but i'm happy that somebody opened a thread about this, i hope we can come up with something, i have like x99 of medicine, and its horrible, i'd like a way to max the amount of the other items like camera, or the sewing machine.
  3. Monty Kensicle

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    Honestly it's not terribly difficult, right now it's just faffing about with a hex editor trying to find the structure and values in the save file.
  4. drfsupercenter

    drfsupercenter Flash Cart Aficionado

    Mar 26, 2008
    United States
    Yeah, basically that.

    If you have a hackable 3DS and can install SaveDataFiler (I used my Gateway but you can use Pasta or whatever now), you basically just dump the save first, then use up one of your items, save the game and dump the save again, leaving nothing else changed.

    If you want to do that and leave the hex editing to me, you could just dump a bunch of saves for me and upload the files in a .zip, it would still save me a ton of time, and I'm super busy these next few weeks.
  5. zongalito

    zongalito GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 9, 2013
    Cote d'Ivoire
    Rancagua, Chile
    this will work with the eur version?
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