Puzzle and Dragons Save Mapping

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    Another WIP, just noting my progress here while editing my own save.

    There are two files for the USA version, since it has Puzzle and Dragons Z + SMB edition. I'm only focusing on the SMB edition, which is MagnumV01.dat (via SDF)

    Fruit: Offset 7BF8
    Rare Fruit: Offset 7C08
    Star Gem: Offset 7C78
    Boo Coin: Offset 7CE0
    Cheep-Cheep Coin: Offset 7CC8
    Goomba Coin: Offset 7CC0
    Lakitu Coin: Offset 7CD8
    Super Star: Offset 7BE8
    Grand Super Star: Offset 7BB0
    Star Coin: Offset 7BD0
    Grand Star Coin: Offset 7B98
    Green Star Coin: Offset 7BD8
    Grand Green Star Coin: Offset 7BA0
    Fire Flower: Offset 7B40
    Ice Flower: Offset 7B50
    Boo Mushroom: Offset 7B58
    Flame Chomp Coin: Offset 7CD0
    P-Wing: Offset 7B90
    Super Leaf: Offset 7B48
    Super Mushroom: Offset 7B38
    Poison Mushroom: Offset 7B88
    Gold Mushroom: Offset 7BE0
    Grand Gold Mushroom: Offset 7BA8
    Comet Medal: Offset 7BF0
    Grand Comet Medal: Offset 7BB8
    Spiky Shell: Offset 7C00
    Grand Spiky Shell: Offset 7C10

    Edit: I discovered something through tinkering - while these offsets store the quantity of the given items, it seems there's another byte that tells the game whether or not you've unlocked the item. I had a save backup from before I got any Grand Green Star Coins, and tried setting 99 of them - what happened was that I DID get 99 of them, but it took the place of the regular Green Star Coin, which I also should have had 99 of.

    I don't really have a way of finding the additional bytes, as too much has changed between my old backup and my new one, unless somebody else wants to look into it.

    But my recommendation is that you wait until you get at least one of an item "legally" (you can get the Grand items before beating Bowser, you just have to get some really large chains - I got a Grand Comet Medal by getting a chain of 15 or so I believe) and THEN modify your quantities to have more of them.
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