Got a 2GB Micro SD, turns out to be SDHC not working with original R4...

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Arnold0, Jan 20, 2018.

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    So a few weeks ago I bought a 2GB Micro SD Card on ebay for an original R4. After testing it turned out to be a fake only able to store arround 200MB. I got my money back and could keep the card so I made a 200MB Partition and used it like that.

    Tooday I was in familly, and I spoke with one of my little cousin about MicroSD cards, and he actually had a 2GB Card. I had a 4GB one with me so we swapped them as the 4GB I had was unused anyways and a 2GB would be usefull for the R4 instead of the fake. The card he gave me had no brands but I tested it and it is a true 2GB card.

    Back home I copy all the R4 files on it and put it in. But the R4 doesn't pass the "Loading" screen. Tring with my laptop reader (Because unlike my other readers it can detect if the card is SD or SDHC) it shows that the card is SDHC... To be sure I tested with the fake 2GB that works and it correctly detects it as SD.

    Now I'm wondering, are 2GB SDHC cards common or was I just unlucky here ? I tought SDHC was for cards 4GB or bigger... I may buy another 2GB card on the future to replace the fake I currently have on that R4 but, how to be sure it will not be SDHC ? Toughts ?
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    likely its another fake sd . . . originally a 2 gb formatted to look bigger then restored improperly . . . run this on it and it should restore the original size and format
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