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    Hey everyone. Real quick I just want to say thank you to everyone who posts or makes videos regarding hacking, it helps a lot of people out and we all appreciate it!

    Anyways, I wanted to start adding a lot of games to my Wii U. I've got a Wii U with 5.5.2 (updates stopped), Haxchi (not coldbooted), and some apps like WUP GX2, SDCafiine, and some other general stuff. There's an explanation of the root of my SD card at the bottom of this post. I just had a few general questions regarding these apps, any help is appreciated!
    1. Do I need to coldboot Haxchi? I don't mind doing the DS Game > Homebrew Channel method when I start up my Wii U, but is it necessary for anything regarding emulation/modding?
    2. When using Wii U USB Helper, I noticed that some games downloaded as EShop games and some as just normal Games. Can these games be installed the same way by using WUP Installer method, or do I need to go through a different process?
    3. Are my SD Card Paths correct for the WUP Installer? (Image at the bottom.) Because I tried installing 'New Super Mario Bros. U', but got an error message stating:

      "Install of title 00000000-00000000 failed.
      Error: MCP_InstallGetInfo 0xFFFBF3E2.
      Confirm complete WUP files are in the folder. Try power down."

      I tried rebooting my console but got the same result. I read on these boards that it could be a corrupt download, so I'm going to try it again soon and update this post accordingly.

      Additional information:

      I have a 64gb SD card, and a 500gb external HDD. Both are formatted properly for usage with the Wii U. I would love to see if someone else has different file paths and if I could improve mine in anyway.
    DCIM = Smash 4 Related Screenshots/Media
    Install > Games / DLC / Updates = Location for Wii U USB Helper Games
    Private = More Smash 4
    Roms = Blank folder for when I store other games for emulation (such as GBA, etc.)
    SDCafiine = Smash 4 mods
    Wiiu > apps = contains apps folder for Homebrew Channel
    Wupinstaller = video I watched said to make a seperate folder for this app on the root of the SD card.
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    1. If you don't mind going to haxchi through the ds game you don't need Coldboot. Although if you start installing virtual console games (Wii, Gamecube, N64, DS, SNES, NES) etc... you'll find it useful because you'll have to run it before you run one of those games, same for out of region games.
    2. someone else will have to answer I think the same but I've never downloaded an eshop game through USB Helper.
    3. Make sure you don't have a game with a double folder. It should be folder of game then app files. If there's folder then another folder it won't work. Also if it's not the same region as your Wii U you'll need to run CFW before installing. Also make sure there's no special characters in the folder name. Just rename the folder NSMBU and try it. If all of these options don't help use Wup Installer GX instead. (I recommend this anyway)

    It should be install > NSMBU > app files that's it.
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    You're a legend man! Thanks so much for the quick and helpful response. You walked me through it very easily and now I got Super Mario Maker working! Cheers :^)

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    Any chance you know how to change the DS game logo to a Haxchi icon? I've seen a few people do that and I'm still a bit unsure of how to do so myself
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