Hacking GeckoOS or NeoGamma? (4.2e+DriveKey)


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Dec 12, 2006
I have a Wii 4.2e with a DriveKey modchip installed. No softmods, HBC or other tweaks whatsoever on my system - except the DriveKey modchip.

So far I have been able to play all games just fine, but now my son is bugging me to get NSMB! I don't want to wait for the DriveKey update to come out (which will also be for JTAG programmers only!), and I really want to mess as little as possible with the Wii system menu. My first priority is to avoid any softmodding and installation on the Wii. Alternatively I could live with installing HBC (and BootMii and DVDX) from the HackMii installer, but I don't want to go into the IOS downgrading / cIOS stuff.

I have been reading a lot of guides lately, and I am thinking of doing the following to get NSMB to run:

1. Insert a non-patched BAHAMUT version of the NSMB backup in the Wii disc drive.
2 Use the BannerBomb v2 hack to run loadMii from a SD card.
3 Use loadMii to run GeckoOS 1.9.3 (with the Ocarina cheat file) or NeoGamma R8 beta15, and start NSMB from there.

Would this work?

In particular, I am unsure whether GeckoOS or NeoGamma will load via loadMii, or only from HBC?

And would GeckoOS or NeoGamma even be able to run (and then start up NSMB from a backup disc), without IOS/cIOS modifications? (remember, I have a DriveKey modchip installed)

Thanks in advance for your input and help

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