GC ISO/Neogamma/Dolphin/Win Explorer question

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by Brianakin, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    OK, this has really been bugging me. First off, I'll admit my shortsightedness by burning too many rips onto unlabeled DVD-Rs until I wasn't sure which was which. Retarded I know. So I start running these discs through Dolphin to see what I burned there, and Dolphin gives me nothing. Strange, I think, so I go to Windows Explorer to see if somehow I got blank DVDs mixed in with these unlabeled backups, and I still see nothing. Now I'm thinking I just have a blank disc, right, so I figure I can use it to burn another backup. But NO, ImgBurn says the disc is not empty. WTF? On a whim I just trot back to the Wii and load it through Neogamma to see if by some miracle there is still something there, and THERE IS MY GAME!

    So after painstakingly running Neogamma over each disc to confirm the content, I sorted out what I have, but I still figure I may want to play these backups on Dolphin at some stage, so my next quest is to re-rip the ISO from the burned disc. That was a huge fail, as ImgBurn kept giving read errors, meaning I would only be able to use Dolphin if it could read straight from the disc, which it apparently can't.

    So the question is, why couldn't Explorer OR Dolphin "see" the burned ISO on my DVD-R?
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    uh did you burn them as an actual wii/ gc game O.O

    if so idk just re burn using windows to burn individual .gcm / iso to disk instead of burning the actual image to the whole disk.

    folders [​IMG]
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    As you probably know Windows calls each function of your hard drive a different logical device. Windows can forget the logical device which reads iso's. The fixes for this are sporadic. The fixes only work in a few cases. Sometimes uninstalling every piece of software that accesses the hard drive can fix this problem. It sounds to me that your Windows system has this problem.
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    Because the Explorer (and any other Filebrowser in other OS) doesn't support the DOL (GC)/RVL (Wii) Disk Filesystem that has been used to burn the Game's Image(s) to the Disk(s). Its a proprietary Filesystem for optical Disks and there is currently no driver available for PC-like systems.

    But you can burn your legal copies onto a Disk because the dumped .iso Files and the resulting Disks follow the ISO 9660 specification. So you can open the Disk in Explorer but can't see its contents.

    Nintendo's optical disks also contain the BCA (Burst Cutting Area, some form of a unique Barcode) which is pressed/printed to the inner ring and can't be written with most standard burning drives, they require special expensive burners.

    The drives and the drive chips of both the GC and the Wii refuse to boot standard DVDs (or miniDVDs in case of an unmodded GC Case), because they don't contain such BCA codes and are also not signed with a special certificate in case of the Wii.
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    Hi guys,
    After reading this thread I wondered something.. I have multiple wii iso burned on dvd. But my wii is broken.
    So i tried to run my games with Dolphin and they don't work exactly like Brianakin.
    Is it possible to extract my iso games from dvd? I mean if I have to donwload again everything it would be horrible :(
    I hope with a software i don't know.
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    I had a backup of a double layer disc of brawl, and my wii didnt want to read it. So i made an image with nero, tested it with dolphin and it worked perfectly.Just try to make an iso with nero/similar program and test it with dolphin, you dont lose anything trying :P