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    GBAtemp book game club time. Traditionally we start this section with an overview of the series even if the title(s) say it all and for this part at least we feel like sticking with tradition. In this series we make a suggestion of a game or a handful of related ones to play after which those that wish can discuss a playthrough of it and the things they wished to note about the title.
    Random selections are not what we are about but except for those things noted in the following paragraphs we are not really going to elaborate upon the selection process.
    Enjoyable games are what we aim to share but there are various flavours of bad and game and should a game demonstrate a great soundtrack, have a nice mechanic, be a rare genre for the console it finds itself on (RTS on a console being a good example), be of note to the industry or publisher or something along that line of thought it could find itself featured in this series.
    It is however our wish to state that this is not a top 10 games (of a given genre) for the (given console) as those are very much played out in our opinion although such games can and do feature here. By ignoring reviews, scores and such we can hopefully have some interesting things happen that might have fallen short of true greatness which should hopefully allow us to have an interesting series.
    The Wii, DS and GBA will be the consoles that provide most of the selections for this series and as they all sport large libraries of homebrew, rom hacks, commercial games, leaked betas and other such things we reckon there is little need to do some barrel scraping any time soon.
    Although our normal criteria allow for a great deal for fun we will occasionally spin another criteria into the selection (and state what it is) with examples of past ones being titles that were part of a small run and are now hard to find, releases that did not have a North American release but did get seen in Europe, titles available right now for next to nothing and instead of that you might get a compare and contrast for a selection (there are various flavours of tetris that we once compared) or we might find a challenge/run to try out (a practice seemingly reduced since it gained the moniker achievements/trophies).

    #42- Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

    Made by a team up for Mistwalker (ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat and previous GOTW title Away- Shuffle Dungeon) and tri-Crescendo (Baten Kaitos and Eternal Sonata) this is the third entry in the Blue Dragon series/storyline. The first game was noted as a xbox 360 exclusive being released in Japan earlier than everywhere else with Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy creator) being brought in for the design work although this game deviates a bit from the more traditional RPG and RTS that the earlier games went in for and instead opts for the a more real time battle approach similar to some of the other titles in the libraries of the developers. It is probably not the best RPG on the DS but the people involved make it something of a must play for those that like RPGs.

    Video of the first boss battle

    GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    Just another RPG for the stack or something worth having played? Feel free to discuss this game or the series in the thread below.[/p]

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    I will be the first to post. I thought this was an excellent RPG. Never played any other in the series, but the story was good and the graphics were great as well. Highly recommend if you havent already played.
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    yup totally agree, it had the feel of crystal chronicles but took it into another direction for the better. really good and fun. nice choice.
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    Looking at the video, somehow makes me think of Xenoblade Chronicles.
    Which is a good thing in my book. Seems interesting, I'll give it a try.
    Thanks for the heads up !
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    I beat this game back when it was new. It was actually a pretty fun game, though some fair warning is that fighting may become fairly repetitive. With that said, I maintained interest, start to finish, and the game has a reasonable difficulty curve. I actually kind of want to play the game again now.

    Definitely recommended.
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