Hacking GBAExploader freezes? A possible fix


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Aug 16, 2007
Ok, so i have a combo of EZ 3-in-1 Expansion pack and a R4. I was using rudolfs old 3-in-1 expansion tool, it worked admirably well, no problems. Then Exploader started beeing worked on, the 3-in-1 tool beeing abandoned. I tried Exploader and it didn't work. I thought back then that this is because it was beta-quality or something, so i kept using 3-in-1 tool.

Today i decided to give my DS a "fresh start", cleaning out my SD card and so on. This time ive set myself on getting exploader to work, since Moonshell 2 is using it, and with it i don't need to patch those big gba games.

Well, i got the newest one, and it froze the moment it was supposed to soft-reset. I tried moving the folders, modifying ini files, getting new clean roms and so on. Nothing got it to work. Then i had an idea. I went to WINDOWS box, and formatted my card to fat16. And lo and behold, it worked!. Now i tried fat32 under windows, and it worked too. See, i use a Mac, with Leopard. And i knew that both Linux and OSX have a little different implementation of vfat.

So, if youre not using windows and Exploader won't work but the 3-in-1 tool does, format your SD card under windows (tried XP, dont know about Vista or 7, but they shouldn't differ).

Hope this helps somebody.
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