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Jul 31, 2008
Hello There.

I'm new to roms translation.I have read many tutorials but the most of them confuse me. I have make some small translations to old GameBoy Games.
I'm Trying just for practice translating Advance Wars (GBA) to Greek.
I created the table but i have to change the font. When i open the game with 'Tile Layer Pro' or 'crystaltile2' i can't find it.
I read that some graphics are compressed so to find the font i need to extract some files.
So the question is, how can i extract the files and find the font ?

I have been searching two days on sites like romhacking,greekroms and other sites that i found from google but i can't figure it out.
I hope someone can answer me straight without have to read more more more and more tutorials....

Thanks in advance

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