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    Hi there,
    Just reading the tutorial and it mentions I need a valid wireless profile.
    Now I have just bought my 2DS and the first thing I did was turn wifi off so I have not once connected to the internet yet. My worries are that if I make the profile to connect to the internet that it will update me straight away to 9.4. So those of you who had your DS before 9.3 would've been able to connect to the internet without concern because the highest you could go to is 9.2 which still works but I've joined the party a bit late haven't I? Does anyone have any advice?
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    You won't get the update message right away after turning wifi on again. Also, you still have to confirm if you want to install the update or not in case you get the update message. Problem is, once the update message is there, it will appear every time you switch on the 3DS. As long as you pay attention and decline the update, everything will be fine.

    In order to avoid the update message, have wifi turned off and start the 3DS browser. Once the browser is started, you can turn on wifi and launch the exploit to use your Gateway card. When you are done, just switch off wifi again before shutting down the console.