Gateway - Lost a save. Did i do sh*it ?

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  1. koyuki38

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    Nov 2, 2015

    I just lost a save of the game Labyrinth No Kanata, using Gateway.

    what i did :
    - I already had the rom (with my personnal Header and the engligh patch) in my GW sd card and the save in the 3DS SD card.
    - I wanted to try another rom without my Header, in order to share it on a torrent tracker.
    - When i launched the new rom, it said that the 3DS was generating save files :(.
    - I got the confirm that the rom was working so i turned off the 3DS
    - And then i launched the old rom (the one i was using with my header) and it was also generating the datasave file ;-;

    So, did i do something wrong or was I just unlucky ?
    I thought that both rom would share the same titleID and save file, i didn't expected the new rom to (re)generate datasave file...

    Hopefully i only played until I beat the 1st boss, but that's still few hours of game.
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    Yeah, you did something wrong. When you launch the same game with a different header, or move from header to headless (or vise versa), it will generate a new save file. I have been through that with another game by accident.

    My advice is that you back it up regularly through PC and SDF
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    The save encryption is tied to the header, so your save is most likely gone forever. You can try data recovery tools like Recuva or GetDataBack but don't expect anything as the old data was likely overwritten.
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  4. koyuki38

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    Nov 2, 2015
    :toot:Nope, i know that the save is lost forever :toot:

    I just wanted to know what was wrong there. So it's related to the header. Thanks for the info.

    Edit : If i'm not mistaken, deleting any file on computer system means saying to the computer that the memory address is free (ie : data is still here but considered as free space). No idea if the new datafilter use the same memory address or not. I'll give it a try at least

    Edit 2 : ok, so GetDataBack was able to find a file from 8th november, but it seems that the game does not find save slot in the file.
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