Hacking Games stop working for no reason on SCLite


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Oct 8, 2006
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Lately I've been having some problems with a couple of my games. They've been working fine for months, then for no reason just decide to stop working, or at least start giving me problems.

For example, I got Ouendan 2 the day it was available, patched it with whatever the latest patcher was at the time, and it worked perfectly for the entire game. But now after a couple of months without playing it I decided to play it again, and even though it starts up fine, it always freezes at the start of any song. I haven't changed a thing since the last time it worked, no firmware updates, no repatching, nothing.

A couple of other games have similar problems. Sometimes they won't start, parts that used to work fine no longer do, or just random graphics/audio corruption that wasn't there before. I'm used to these things happening when I first patch a game, and repatching with different settings usually fixes it. I'm sure I could do the same thing now and everything will be fine, but I still wonder why it's happening.

So is this a common problem that games just randomly start getting corrupted? maybe the way the Supercard uses the rom files or accesses the memory card or something? Or is this just a sign that my SCLite has had enough and it's time to look for a replacement?

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