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    Nov 12, 2017
    Hey everyone :toot:

    I'm interested in the 3DS hacking scene since february this year and managed to get cfw and stuff in august (difficulties with versions/getting a flash card). I also experienced a little bit of the psp hacking scene in 2012, but not much. I'm still a student but I develop games as a hobby since around 2011. As I'm currently graduating I haven't got the time to dig into (homebrew) development for the 3DS yet, but I sure will give it a try sometime. I also haven't experienced much of GBAtemp or it's structure yet. Let's see what the future brings! :yay3ds:

    Sincerely Ecki
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    Welcome, fellow game dev! You have found your way to the glorious 'Temp! I do hope you find our little corner of the internet to be enjoyable ^_^
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