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    Hi everyone,

    I am attempting to install a game onto my SD card via an SD card reader - this is my first time doing this and so I need help! I attempted to install the game on the SD path (not sure if correct) but it wouldn't install and I got the following notification: "Error: could not get free device space for game." This can't be right as the SD card is 99% empty. It appears that I can install the game via the main path but I am not sure if that is the proper way to do so?

    Just a few more questions:

    What's the main difference between each path?
    Is it ok to use either path?
    Is there anything I can do to free up space via the SD path? --> again the card is 99% empty
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    Nov 8, 2018

    To get your Ganmecube ISO please use the Tool CLEANRIP:

    Your ripped Gamecube ISO (located in the ROOT of your SD Card) has then to be named "game.iso" if it is a ONE DISC Game.If it is a TWO DISC Game the SECOND disc is named "disc2.iso"

    On your SD Card please make a Folder "games".In this Folder comes now the Gamecube Games as ISO.
    Now the Game has to be in a Folder with following name: Game [GAME ID] for example

    Resident Evil 0 the NTSC-U Version is "Resident Evil 0 [GBZE08]"

    The Game ID can you find for example on

    Thank you.:)
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    you're not actually installing the game just coping the iso on to it and having it in a folder

    you can have it on sd or usb/fat32 hdd
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