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    Apr 23, 2007
    So my G6 arrived about 3 hours ago and i immedietly went to making my own skin because the ones they give you are just sheer horrible. There were so many more things that i wanted to do, but their firmware isn't that flexible and it has a few things that bug me but i cant do anything about it.



    Thats pretty much the gist of it. All the game icons will fit nice and snug into the boxes. If there is no game, it'll be empty which looks fine. The color inversion of the selection box fits very nicely. It's not like the apple skin where you get a rainbow of vomit colors.

    One problem though (not too big a deal) But when you select a game. On the new screen. The game icon will be a TAD out of place. One of the things that bugs me. Also, on the main menu when click the button in the top left. It still has that STUUUPID BLUE GRADIENT which just pisses me off. not too big a deal i guess, you never click there anyways.

    Should the G6 team issue out a new firmware with more flexibility. I'll be sure to fix this up and make it absolutely perfect. Iin the meantime, enjoy it, took me an hour. And i personally think its way better then the defaults =p.

    note: No, the loading bar isn't always there for those of you who dont have the G6 yet. Remember, that you have all the firmware text too. Size sort, name sort, brightness, date, time. Thats all there and blends together very nicely.
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    Thank you for making this Raine.

    I'm gonna throw it on my cart now. It looks nice.


    Hell yeah, that skin is beautiful. Thank you for making it. I like how the game icons are in boxes.

    Very nice. Let us know if you make anymore. [​IMG]
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