Furries Are Brainwashing Children

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I'm just going to keep this short, because I am absolutely ENRAGED and DISGUSTED at what our world has come to.
Recently, furries have been raising children, and rather than fulfilling their duties as GOOD and SENSIBLE parents they encourage their children to do THIS!


It is not a NATURAL HUMAN THING to do, to crawl around on four legs. NO!

This is what they should be doing instead!


None of this crawling BS!

BUT INSTEAD, studies show that almost 52.3333337 percent of ALL HUMAN BEINGS that use forums also identify as HOMINID ANIMALS!
That is an astonishing overlap. We CANNOT let this happen, because as our studies show, by mid-quarter 2057 100 PERCENT OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS WILL HAVE BECOME FURRIES!

NO LONGER will our Society function LIKE NORMAL, we will have lost ALL touch with REALITY and......
well frick what's happening to me
oh god no not my avatar NOT MY AV-
damn you @VinsCool
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