for old sky3ds (sky3ds with red button)

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  1. AdityaDarkseid

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    Jan 3, 2015
    my status sky3ds card : 9 game work perfectly (not use any method like break limit game):
    1. kid icarus uprising
    2. Kingdom hearts 3d
    3. Tales of abyss
    4. conception 2
    5. hakuoki
    6. samurai warrior chronicle
    7. harvest moon tales of two town
    8. hometown story
    9. rhythm thief
    when i write last rom , bug appear ( change rom automatically problem ) is when i write fantasy life and no matter what rom in no 10 is always bug problem,
    so i use method :
    1. break limit game using sky3ds tool
    comment : i don't very know about this ,especially in eeprom say "no" because only one rom say "no" and that is "pokemon omega ruby", so maybe not very effectife
    2. break limit game using A,a,B,b method
    comment : save data always corrupt

    for two method i don't understand method number 3 in sky3ds break limit game, but i start miracle
    using smea method and emuNAND rom
    1. smea method with method use dat launcher work perfectly but only one rom and cannot change at all when i push red button , save perfectly and it happen only in my game "blazblue continum shift 2"
    2. emuNAND rom , i ask sky3ds about this and they will concern this matter but, the problem i don't get reply until now, and this the picture when i write "pokemon omega ruby " pokemon~1.jpg
    it appear message like that and 2.jpg
    for section "CTR-P-ECRA" without using breaktrough limit game or sky3ds tool automatically in eeprom column say "No" and save data indeed store in sd card and never corrupt.

    So for all my experience about this, i ask following question :
    1. is there other method with perfectly save data and when you use old sky3ds, ?(because i don't plan buy any flashcard)
    2. or is there any method for solution anti freeze game when you play ?
    3. or please post anything suggestion or useful information for old sky3ds user like me:bow:
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