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    Two updates for FileTrip, GBAtemp's official download center, have been released.
    • The first one allows you to connect your ShopTemp affiliate account in order to make money with the files you post on FileTrip! For more information, read this thread.
    • The second update allows search parameters to be appended to the URL. Two examples of this new feature would be or R4. Anything you add after will be considered a search query, in order to facilitate external linking. For more information please visit the on-going discussion thread, linked below.
      In addition to this update a new BBCode tag has been added to GBATemp. Please see below for an example.
    [ft]wood r4[/ft]
    Testing BBCode: Find 'Wood R4' on

    Thanks Costello, for the update and the news!​
    [​IMG] On-going Discussion
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.