EZ4Client didnt create .sav file

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Hi all,

    I'm using EZFlash IV and EZ4Client to patch my roms. The games are patched successfully, but EZ4Client doesn't create .sav files automatically. I don't know if i have a wrong understanding about EZ4Client autocreating .sav files. Is there any tools to detect save sizes and automatically create .sav file? Because opening the roms with GBATA to see save type and size and create a blank .sav file one by one is quite a pain.

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    Very odd, I have yet to encounter this problem. I assume this is GBA games- DS saves are all 256 KB unless they are 512 (games like pokemon and zelda)

    They should be automatically created and added into a "save" directory, if you use a drive rather than an SD card (and copy to it after the fact) the directory is probably on the root of the drive. I know of no tools that do what you want other than EZ4Client.