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    i am attempting to rip sprites from an old pc game digimon battle server how ever alot of the files i wanna look at are in .dms format (or disc masher) and i have literally no clue how to open those files. it is only the client side data not the complete game so icant just start it up to rip them the old fashioned way a2ny help would be very useful
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    Doesn't appear to be mentioned in http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php?search=dms&title=Special:Search&fulltext=Search , https://wiki.vg-resource.com/index.php?search=dms&title=Special:Search&go=Go or https://wikivisually.com/search?qry=dms

    Someone named puggsoy on https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-31216.html seems to have a good start
    Picture from that

    For that one
    803x680 panel size
    Tile size 8x8
    16 bits per pixel (16bpp)
    Little Endian
    2 byte skip
    1 pixel width skip
    8 pixel height skip

    Palette (what determines the colours) is in the same dms file.
    0x0 (so start of the file)
    TIle size 8x2
    2 Bytes per colour (16 bit colours basically)
    RGB order
    Big Endian for the palette
    Linear mode
    Alpha bits at the end bit apparently ignored
    Skip size of 1 colour.

    Tiledggd is a wonderful program for graphics ripping. You can get it

    Seems the game guy that found this also did a fork of it https://github.com/puggsoy/tiledggd-pe-