1. Tri-Z

    OP Tri-Z Tri z

    Nov 25, 2005
    United States
    ********Fixed problem*****

    Put tape on micro sd card so that contact would make a firm connection.

    I have an ewin 2 micro that I won from a contest on SCdev.org, and I updated it with what I thought was a new update. (My dslite is flashed) But then after I updated nothing works when I turn on my ds, it displays a black screen on top and on the bottom it has the ewin2 logo. It just says at that screen and goes no furthur. I put the newest .dat update file onto my micro sd card and then I hold L, R and the up button which is supposed to go right to updating it if there is an update file present, but when I start up my ds that way, the bottom screen looks the same as described above, but the top screen now says error in the top left corner and in the middle of the screen says Card not inserted.
    Any help would be greatlty appreciated.
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