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Discussion in 'EDGE' started by nvidia5500, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I don't know about you, but why is it that when CycloDS releases an update, Edge follows? So this implies that the manufacturers of CycloDS also are the makers of Edge? Also I recall before that CycloDS's site went down and so is Edge also. Just recently got my Edge and I like it [​IMG]
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    There are plenty of rumors out there about EDGE and CycloDS, there are some who said the EDGE is leeching from TC while some say they they are owned by the same company and EDGE are produced to reach the lower market. None of these are confirmed so it's up to you whether you believe it or not.
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    I believe, that whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger.

    Oh wait sorry lol, I meant to say this:

    I choose to believe "When CycloDS gets an update, EDGE gets an update."

    There, easy to believe, which then makes this believable:

    "When CycloDS doesn't update, EDGE won't be updated."


    Hmm, I also find it funny how Team Cyclo isn't doing a "War against Clones". R4 Team kinda/sorta/maybe/if/true/falsely did that, from what I know of DSTT there's an anti clone code in the firmware, and well, if Team Cyclo wanted to they'd have done something similar. So another question ponders my head, if the Cyclo firmware was tough to copy/steal from/copy pasta, it certainly seems easy enough for the EDGE team IF they are unofficial cloners.

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    The Cyclo DS isnt including any fake killer OS in their OS since the EDGE team arent using the same name that is CycloDS, this is seldom the case with the DSTT. The DSTT is probably (and if not surely) losing money since these clones are almost identical, even in their name! As a result the fake clones of DSTT greatly affect the real DSTT. Yet the EDGE team isnt really what you would call impacting the Cyclo DS, i mean the CycloDS is just well known and it has a lot more features than the EDGE, anyway the latest update that comes from the EDGE team doesn't include the Pokemon Diamond Pal Park / GBA connection fix with the EZ-flash 3 in 1, so i believe that the EDGE team just *take/copy* the game fix *stuff* from the cyclos firmware.
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    Nah dont agree with that the slowmo funktion is different to activate, if you just copy why not copy the whole thing.
    Also the 3in1 support was different at first. On cyclo it was only on and off, while edge had strong, medium, light and off when it was implented.
    I agree edge and cyclo firmware is very similar but still a little different.

    As for the Pokemon GBA Union, did you test it ? I know other Games do GBA/ DS Union like final fantasy tactics advance and final fantasy tactics a2 on DS.