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    Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com/ for this one.
    Original topic and downloads:

    This is a buggy alpha version

    Fixed bugs
    * Less crashes when using compressed roms

    New Features
    * Rewrote the Background Tile update system, so now it delays changes to the nametables until the next frame, so that the graphics synchronized properly. No more disappearing ? blocks in Super Mario Bros. (Punchout and 4-screen mirroring is currently broken)

    * Games run much faster in this version
    * Replaced some memory filling/copying loops with faster multi-register writing code
    * Very heavy optimizations to PPU status reads, almost makes PPU hack unnecessary
    * Now stores fixed PRG bank inside Fast Video RAM instead of slow cartridge slot, huge speedups for this reason

    What's broken:
    * PPU Hack does nothing right now
    * PUNCHOUT is broken
    * TQROM and Mapper 74 are broken
    * 4 screen mirroring is broken
    * Savestates are buggy
    * Don't try to use the cheat finder right now.

    Internal changes which only make sense if you're the developer
    * Moved some code out of IWRAM, including the multiplayer link code. (it's still there, just no longer wasting fast memory)
    * Different timeout system
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