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    Jan 1, 2017
    A new update for the Playstation 2 Emulator PCSX2 has been released today!
    Many improvements and bugfixes were added in this release.
    For now, there is only a Windows Installler and Binary available. There is a guide for Linux user on how to compile from source.

    Q3,Q4 2019 - Q1 2020 Changes

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx-HW: Improve search/invalidate texture in render target by correctly matching vertex offsetted draws with buffer offsetted reads in the texture cache.

    GSdx-HW: Implemented Software Sprite Renderer feature which allows to CPU emulate (SSE accelerated) certain sprite draws directly from the HW renderer.

    GSdx-HW: Added a dedicated fix for Big Mutha Truckers which allows to render the shadows properly. This also allowed us to reduce the crc hack level so there are less effects skipped.

    GSdx-HW: Sprite Hack has been completely removed as it is no longer needed and is replaced by far better alternatives.

    GSdx-FX: The TFX shader on Direct3D10/11 has been rewritten to match OpenGL code and its' accuracy for certain effects.

    GSdx-D3D: Blend no Barrier support has been ported from OpenGL to Direct3D 10/11.

    GSdx-GUI: Hardware hacks GUI has been updated for better usability.

    SPU2-X changelog:

    Fixed the noise generator outputting 4.8 kHz tone instead of white noise.

    CDVD changelog:

    PCSX2 now ignores non-existent disc sector reads.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2: Prevent the UI from hanging/locking up when a game boots.

    PCSX2-tas: TAS Recording functionality has been disabled for 1.6 release as there are some issues to work out (such as hanging/locking up the emulator).

    PCSX2: DI execution is delayed by one instruction.

    PCSX2: Reverted back to older VRender/VBlank timings.

    PCSX2: Partially fixed IPU pack command.

    PCSX2: Fixed the emulator hanging when pressing F4 too fast when toggling the Frame Limiter in some occasions.

    PCSX2: Fixed the emulator hanging when pressing F9 to toggle rendering between Hardware and Software in some occasions.

    PCSX2: Fixed the emulator hanging when pressing F9 to toggle rendering between Hardware and Software mode too fast.

    PCSX2: First Time Wizard now properly selects the correct GSdx plugin based on the highest instruction set supported by the CPU.

    PCSX2: Improved pointer patch command handling.

    PCSX2 GUI changelog:

    PCSX2: DPI scaling has been improved.

    PCSX2: Translations have been updated for the release of 1.6.

    Miscellaneous changelog:

    GameDB: True Crime: Streets of L.A. (patched).

    GameDB: The database has been once again updated with the inclusion of many games with required gamefixes, as well as removal of gamefixes which are no longer needed.

    Q2 2018-Q2 2019 Changes

    Q2 2018 - Q2 2019 progress Report highlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx-HW: Fix half-bottom screen issues on texture/color shuffling.

    GSdx-TC: Palette management rework.

    Gsdx-HW: implement fixed TEX0 for all renderers.

    GSdx: OSD improvements and port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx: Accurate Date update and partial port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-GL: Bypass the texture cache when the framebuffer is sampled.

    GSdx-GL: Experimental Sparse Texture support.

    GSdx-D3D: Improved palette support has been ported from OpenGL to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: GPU accelerate 8 bits texture conversion port from OpenGL to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: Depth Emulation port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: Channel shuffle port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: HDR Colclip blend port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: Accurate Blend Fbmask port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: Partial SW blending port to Direct3D10/11.

    GSdx-D3D: Alpha hack has been removed completely, replaced with Blending Accuracy option.

    GSdx-HW: Removal of MSAA support in favor of better optimizations and accuracy.

    GSdx-HW: Removal of Direct3D9 renderer in favor of better optimizations and accuracy.

    GSdx-HW: Removal of many no longer needed hacks.

    GSdx-HW: Add Skipdraw Offset option for Skipdraw hack.

    GSdx-GUI: GUI update to improve usability.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2-TAS: Input Recording/Playback Functionality (speedrunning tools).

    Vector Units: Fix bug in "Branch in Delay Slot" Optimization.

    Recompiler: Fix stall in branch delay slot.

    PCSX2: Improved GameDB handling.

    VIF: A VIF core update has been made to fix Downtown Run.

    Gif Unit: Recheck VIF status after a reset is performed when waiting for PATH3 (Fixes Eragon).

    PCSX2 GUI changelog:

    PCSX2: "FMV Aspect Ratio Switch/Override" feature.

    PCSX2: Save/Load slot improvements, allow to display slot dates.

    SPU2-X changelog:

    SPU2-X-GUI: The gui has been updated to improve usability.

    Q1 2018 Changes

    Q1 2018 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx-TC: Performance improvement by using custom container.

    GSdx-TC: Load size calculation in target update.

    GSdx: Texture Shuffle port to Direct3D.

    GSdx: Channel Shuffle improvements on Direct3D

    GSdx: Hack removal/adjustments.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2-Counters: Fix Hblank calculation for DVD video modes.

    PCSX2 GUI changelog:

    PCSX2: Add configurable Cheats folder to Components Selectors.

    PCSX2: Display the video mode on titlebar.

    Miscellaneous changelog:

    Plugins: XPad and USBqemu have been moved to the legacy plugins VS solution.

    General: Code cleanup.

    Gamedb: Game database has been updated with many new gamefixes included.

    Q3-Q4 2017 Changes

    Q3 & Q4 2017 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx-d3d11: Extend "Preload Frame Data" support to Direct3D.

    GSdx: Add Frame Buffer Conversion option.

    GSdx: Automatic mipmapping option.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2: PSX Memory card support.

    PCSX2: Always ask when booting option.

    PCSX2: Adaptive Sync support.

    PCSX2: Restore "Defaults" option to GS Panel.

    PCSX2: Clear ISO list option.

    PCSX2 GUI changelog:

    PCSX2: Many translations have been updated.

    Q1-Q2 2017 Changes

    Q1 2017 progress report highlights, read the full report here.

    Q2 2017 progress report highlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx: Support for dumping GS Dumps in xz format.

    GSdx-OpenGL: Reduce Geometry shader overhead.

    GSdx-HW: Revamped buffer size calculation for custom resolutions.

    GSdx: OSD (On Screen Display) feature.

    GSdx: Texture cache speed optimization.

    GSdx: Software renderer thread synchronization fix.

    GSdx: Improved software renderer float handling.

    GSdx: Removal of SSSE3 and AVX configurations.

    GSdx: Workarounds for AMD buggy OpenGL driver.

    GSdx (Windows): Fix for slow software rendering with Skylake CPUs.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2: Fix command-line options.

    PCSX2-Counters: Proper tracking of scalar limit.

    VIF: Unpack speed optimizations.

    Vector Units (VU0): Fix CFC2 transfers from TPC register.

    LilyPad and OnePad changelog:

    LilyPad and OnePad changelog:

    LilyPad: neGcon controller support.

    LilyPad: UI Changes/enhancements.

    LilyPad: Core improvements, better controller handling.

    Onepad: Update to use SDL2.

    Miscellaneous changelog:

    CMake: Blacklist GCC 7.0/7.1 versions.

    Q3-Q4 2016 Changes

    Q3 2016 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    Q4 2016 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx: Hardware mipmapping support.

    GSdx-TC: Proper scaling of all textures.

    GSdx: Handling illegal 8 bits pixel storage format.

    GSdx-PCRTC: Feedback write support.

    GSdx-glsl: Optimize number of active constant buffers in the shader.

    GSdx: Avoid illegal instruction crash on older CPUs.

    GSdx: Alpha test improvements.

    GSdx: Proper custom resolution scaling.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2: PSX mode compatibility.

    PCSX2: PSX mode, proper video mode initialization.

    PCSX2: Improved patch handling.

    PCSX2: Accurate video mode detection.

    LilyPad and Onepad changelog:

    LilyPad: Add separate bindings for each pad type.

    LilyPad: Add PlayStation Mouse support.

    LilyPad: Updated user interface.

    LilyPad: Add dance pad support and revamped Lilypad dialog.

    OnePad: General improvements on accuracy.

    CDVD changelog:

    cdvdgigaherz: Linux port.

    Miscellaneous changelog:

    PCSX2: FreeBSD support.

    Linux: Support Vsync on Linux free driver.

    Windows: Remove DirectX redistributable dependency on Windows 8.1/10.

    Q1-Q2 2016 Changes

    January - February 2016 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    Q2 2016 progress report hightlights, read the full report here.

    GSdx changelog:

    GSdx: Fast texture invalidation option.

    GSdx: Improved detection of Framebuffer size.

    GSdx: Enable reading of Depth Buffer.

    GSdx: Improved PCRTC merge circuit emulation.

    GSdx-GL: Fast accurate blending.

    GSdx-GL: Depth buffer lookup optimization.

    GSdx-FX: Post-Processing updates.

    GSdx: Proper handling of 576P/720P/1080I video modes.

    Core changelog:

    PCSX2: Automatic aspect ratio switch during FMV playback.

    VIF: Timing fix for MSCALF, MSCNT instructions.

    Vector Units: Scarface I bit gamefix.

    CDVD changelog:

    CDVDgigaherz: Fixed dual layer DVD reading.

    CDVD: Improved ISO layer break detection algorithm.

    Lilypad and Onepad changelog:

    LilyPad: Add Pop'n Music controller support.

    Onepad: GUI redesign.

    Miscellaneous changelog:

    PCSX2: GUI Improvements.

    PCSX2: PCSX2-Auto test suite.

    Download link windows: https://pcsx2.net/download/releases/windows.html
    Install guide linux:https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/wiki/Installing-on-Linux

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Thanky you,great News.
    Hopefully the Buzzer Games/Jungle Party also works now flawless.:)
    I lost a bit Interest on the PlayStation 2 Emulation honestly...
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