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Hello to all,
in these days i'm working to assemble some script i've made in past.

I'm Wiiware fan so this new tool allow me to manage my .wad an related things.

But i think to add support also for other thing :
- drag&drop .wad .tik identification
- SD apps management
- GUI for dos exe so hostile to masses
- etc.

Please give a try to :

_______________ Renaming
You can choose to use clear mame dat or my crc based engine to rename your .wad.
you can also create your own .DAT in easy way to share with community.

_______________ Snapshot
Also try snapshot thing, i think about easy snapshot to create .PNG
with right Width and Height to use with treeforce_mrc and apps folders.

Floating trasparent windows can placed over an image resized with TAB,
and take 'snapshot' with right measure. try it's funny :]

This is only first release, feel free to correct and suggest

see you,


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