DS2x86 v0.36 and DSx86 v0.41

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DS2x86, the DOS emulator made by [m]Pate[/m] exclusively for the Supercard DSTwo, has been updated to beta version 0.36. See the change log for what's new in this edition, and join the on-going discussion linked below for more information about this project. Be sure to check out the author's weekly blog for lots of interesting details about the progress of this homebrew.

Also, apologies for being a day late and a dollar short with this, but [m]Pate[/m] has also updated DSx86 a few weeks back, bringing the regular DS version of his DOS emulator to 0.41. Change log and download below.

Change Log 03/24/12 said:
DS2x86 v0.36
  • Implemented "rep stosd" for Mode-X with irregular map mask (Micro Machines 2)
  • Forced INT 15 AH=88 to report no extended memory (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
  • Implemented "LAST_FIT" memory allocation strategy handling (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
  • Implemented "LES reg,m16:16" page fault handling (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
  • Implemented INT 21 AH=4D proper return mode reporting (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
  • Improved SB emulation to not hang after invalid SB command (Jazz Jackrabbit)
  • Implemented support for reading data from file to Mode-X VRAM (Jazz Jackrabbit)
  • Implemented proper AdLib timer handling (Mortal Kombat etc SB detection)
  • Fixed a bug in ARM9 SB audio buffering scheme (Mortal Kombat, Supaplex, etc) .

Change Log 03/04/12 said:
DSx86 v0.41
  • Further "Jitter" mode screen scaling quality improvement.
  • Implemented "scasb" opcode EGA VRAM access version (Titus the Fox)
  • Implemented INT 6 (illegal opcode) for opcode 0x66 (Titus the Fox)
  • Fixed the VideoParameterTable to have correct VGA Misc Register values in text modes.
  • Fixed the "Smooth" mode initialization when used in dsx86.ini.
  • New experimental proportional font used in 80x25 text "Smooth" mode.

DS2x86 Download
DSx86 Download
Project Page
On-Going Discussion
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