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    Hello just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience or knowledge on dosbox for the vita or psp?

    I'm using dosnavigator and .bat files for controls in psp dosbox 0.71 to make things easier

    In retroarch you can already configure and run the game so dosnavigator is unnecessary.

    So far I've been able to get monkey island working on the psp dosbox 0.71 running perfectly but gets a black screen on retroarch dosbox 0.74,

    And I've been able to get harvester working on retroarch dosbox 0.74 (with gameplay a bit sluggish but playable)but crashes on the psp dosbox 0.71

    I was also wondering if there was any easier way to exit a game and go back into dosnavigator in the psp dosbox?

    So far the only two ways to exit that I've found is to map the menu key to triangle and map letters y and n to up and down on dpad, then hit triangle to open menu, click on quit and press up on dpad for yes, this takes me back to dosnavigator.
    Or by simply closing the app and reopening it to start up dosnavigator again.

    Any suggestions or tips are appreciated, thank you.

    I'll be trying more games in the next few days so if anybody knows of any good dos games i should play, post them here, maybe i can get them working.

    Also i know about scummvm but hardly any dos games are supported so i still want to use dosbox.
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