Dolphin: "Memory Card already has a save for this title" - What?


Sep 25, 2019
United States
So recently, my Gamecube gave a "this memory card is corrupted" error, so I decided to dump a raw image of it with GCNN on Wii Homebrew and use GerbilSoft's GCN Memory Card Recover on PC to see if I could restore all the lost saves - and it worked. However, the problem is I can't put them back on. I am trying to use Dolphin's Memory Card Manager to import all the saves into .raw image that I will use in GCMM on Wii, and the saves do import, but the only problem is that I have multiple saves of the same game, so when I try to import them I get the 'Memory Card already has a save for this title' error, even though the Wii and Gamecube never had any sort of issue with them when they were on the physical memory card. How can I put them back? I have multiple Tales of Symphonia and Sonic Adventure 2 saves that refuse to be imported into the Dolphin Memory Card Manager. I have a feeling it has something to do with the way the saves were ripped from the image - or rather how they were NAMED after being exported. It might have something to do with this concerning Memory Card Recover on PC:

3. Games that have multiple slots but don't have a slot identifier in the comment section will all be restored with the same filename. This includes "Animal Crossing", so if e.g. multiple "Animal Crossing" save files are restored from the memory card, they will all have the same name, so you can't restore them to the same card. This will be fixed in a future version.

If that's the case, then is there any way to rename these files from the inside somehow? Like in a Hex editor and if so, how?
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