Does your Wii U have random freezes?

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Has your Wii U frozen on you unexpectedly?

  1. My Wii U never freezes.

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  2. My Wii U has frozen before but it is very rare.

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  3. My Wii U freezes more than I would like.

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  1. blaisedinsd

    blaisedinsd GBAtemp Maniac

    Dec 6, 2012
    United States
    I heard someone on a podcast complaining their Wii U has started freezing more frequently and this has been my experience as well.

    I have Haxchi but not CBHaxchi. It seems to freeze even when not using Haxchi though. I get it freezing in Youtube. Freezing when trying to close one app on the white Wii U screen. I have had it freeze while playing minecraft in the past too.

    Yesterday after I died in Metroid Prime Trilogy (a game I use Haxchi to run) I continued and my wii remote stopped controlling the game and I couldn't get to the home menu or anything.

    When the hell are we going to get another stability update because my system is crashing way too frequently.
  2. Alex4U

    Alex4U edgy

    Jan 6, 2016
    with Snivy, Mystery Zone (Adress 0x00)
    nononononono, why CFW your Wii U? What's the point?
    anyway, my Wii U didn't freezed for a long time, rarely, freezes on the game banner. most offen happens with Splatoon.