Oct 8, 2004
New Zealand
Man, almost been 2 weeks since my last update, but I've got something fairly cool to make up for the wait.

Not much new 'real life' wise, well actually...
There's a new guy at work, he's actually Scribe's (New Zealand rapper's) brother.
Apparently Scribe doesn't exactly share his wealth and his own mother still only has a VCR (he brings home video tapes for her)
It's pretty cool to say I work with Scribes brother, and I'm pretty sure that's why he was hired.
Darren's probably waiting for scribe's next album to see if he mentions his brother and the store.

But truth be told, he's pretty.. bad.

He's down to one shift a week, and he hasn't shown up for the last 3, plus when he does show up he forgets his uniform half the time.
And he often makes mistakes overcharging, returning movies incorrectly, locking empty cases and stuff like that which slows down working for everyone else.
He's a cool guy n everything, but it's annoying working after him because he de-alphabetizes the discs and puts half of them back in upside down so they fall out when you grab them.

Puck should've got the job eh James?

So what was I gonna show you guys to make up for the 2 week delay?

Not a real trailer, just what I felt like making after watching a couple TAS's and finding a great program to convert the recorded frames into a movie.
Seriously, all I have to do is open one frame and it automatically loads the rest.
Every other program I have to import every single frame, then select every single frame, then add them to some time line, then save as a movie. That usually takes about ten minutes, and now it's down to 5 seconds.

When we do get the demo ready, I'm gonna spend a day putting together an awesome trailer, then upload to gametrailers. Hopefully we'll be able to get a game page, which isn't too unlikely since other indie games like cave story, underside, fez, etc have their own pages.

I watched Ratattouille or however the hell you spell it, and well.
It was alright, kinda stupid how when the rat pulls his hair he just automatically moves his arms, but well, if you just get over that and accept it- it's an alright movie.
Another thing that bugged me was the underdeveloped human characters still having the same standard plot points.
Like when he blurts out to the female cook that he loves her when he only talked to her for like 5 minutes, then when the rest of the kitchen find out about the rat, they all feel deeply betrayed even though they never really liked him in the first place.
But like I said, it's really easy to fill in the blanks, and it would be just as annoying to have to watch them fill in those blanks where you know exactly what will happen.

And I watched The Invisible a week or so ago.
It's kinda like.. if disney made a thriller, doesn't sound that good, but when you think of Remember the Titans it's actually pretty good.
Basically, a kid.. becomes a ghost and has to help the police (etc) solve his murder.
Some of it's a little awkward, but there's lots of cool little touches that redeems it in my opinion.
Everyone I've recommended it to has said they enjoyed it.

That'll do for tonight, I'll probably write another entry in a few days since I've got 3 days off soon.



Nov 7, 2006
United States
Aye, always a pleasure to peep more Twinsen gameplay. I must say, the triple-jumping and sword uppercut (I like to call it "The Suppercut"
) look like a blast to use! Glad to see that the Twinsen train is still rolling along nicely!

I, myself, am in my 2nd quarter of College going toward a Game Design major. It's certainly exciting to view outstanding indie games, such as Twinsen, in development and "evolve" alongside with them. Keep up the good work!

Sadly, I haven't seen either one of the movies you mentioned (haven't had much time for movies lately, I'm afraid...
) but I do plan on seeing Cloverfield sometime later this week, can't wait!

Until next time, take care and good luck!

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