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    are there any hacks for this game?

    thia ia the biggest bs game ive ever played impossible to get through with my luck,, cant finish a single item world because of this cancerous gei blocks that 1 hit ko any1 eve if they are 1 milion lvls behind
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    Item World is pretty easy, it really depends on the item and how many Stronger Enemy Bills you got stacked.
    I really don't recommend Item Worlding during the main story unless you got a decent level from Power Leveling.
    I usually do Item World in Post Game to get a huge boost in stats for certain Rares and Legendaries. They help me when I'm starting a consecutive Reincarnation bout.

    If you have no SOBs, the range of levels is from LVL1 for the weakest items to lvl 200+ for the strongest stuff.
    What really matters in this game is stats, not levels so in early levels, your equipment matters way more than the stats you get from levels.
    I mean in Disgaea D2, my lvl 800 Laharl(Reincarnated several times) deals 300k with Overlord Dimension and about 80% of his stats are from a Item LVL 70~ Legendary axe and other Item leveled Legendary items mixed in.