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Aug 22, 2004
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sometmes i wonder what it would bne like to live with dirtie at his home in japan.

well you see what most people dont know is that zealer (ahah short for new zealand, jus a little nick we came up with heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee420) is not a real country. its actually a small province just south of nagasaki that gets bombed a lot less. dirtie lives inside a roof watching all the latest animes. he watches dragon, mystic journey, willy the wizard gaiden, hp inkjet: printing spirits!!, and Baseball: Future SaGa : all the greats.

every day we would wake up and download the latest wii releases and burn them to cdr and ponder. ponder how far we can push the limits of overburning. were the best there is. ever since the dreamcast days weve been stretching the limits of what people thought was possible to fit on 1 disc. some said that we should just buy more/larger media. no. no this is not the way. we got a really really good [disc]ount on these cdrs from when that one compusa went bankrupt and we will not pollute our mother earth (support ron paul!!!).

so we burn. we burn and burn into the night the nights a fire earth is the oven and the crunchy toast of the sky the universe is house, md. burning pet games to cds just like when we burned japanese shooters after ripping them from white label gdrs in years past.

its us.

japanese tourists who live in a roof after years we are still here.

fighting the good fight...against bakas...

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