Details on Prince of Persia Film

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    Oct 26, 2007
    "A portion of a LatinoReview interview with Jerry Bruckheimer…

    LR: How big is ‘Prince of Persia’ going to be?

    Bruckheimer: As far as the scope of it, it’s enormous. It’s a big romantic adventure.

    LR: It’s based on the ‘Sands of Time’ game, the one that came out a few years ago?

    Bruckheimer: Yes.

    LR: And nothing on the current one that’s out?

    Bruckheimer: No. Well, I mean, I shouldn’t say no. I haven’t played the current one. I heard that it got really good reviews.

    LR: Will there be a lot of stunts and action scenes that people haven’t seen before? Is it more Parkour, like with the Prince?

    Bruckheimer: There’s Parkour, yeah.

    LR: A lot of action then. Is this a future franchise, a new ‘Pirates’?

    Bruckheimer: You never know. If you’d have asked me this question before, before the first ‘Pirates’ came out I would’ve said that you were nuts and that we just hoped to get this one sold. You don’t know. "

    Full Interview
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    Behind you! I know you looked!
    There's a Prince of Persia movie coming? News to me [​IMG].
    It's gonna be difficult to translate the Sands of Time to the big screen though, gotta hope he can do it well.
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    I surely hope this movie takes off
    the story of prince of persia (SoT) serie is realy awesome