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    I ordered a D2Pro9 with wiiclip recently from modchipcentrel and it arived yesterday. Thinking my Wii was d2c due to those Wii drive databases. However after installing the chip the drive would inch the disk in slowely and not spin up, after taking it out the drive works properly again. So I put the chip in again and it did the same. Apon checking the drive chipset it happens to be a D2E (thanks drive DB's [​IMG]) I should have checked priror but I happen to not have many tools anymore like I used to (I had a tool for anything and everything). So i had to wait for the chip to come with the tri wing screw driver. Well mostly what I am wondering if the the D2Pro9 with the D2C "firmware" can be updated to D2E with D2prog, if so where would be the place that would deliver it the fastest. (I am kind of sick of waiting)

    Round up:
    * D2E chipset Wii drive
    * D2E complatible D2pro9 With D2C firmware (I think :-/)
    * ???

    I might need to clerify some things. IF so let me know.