connecting SD card to computer?

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    Dec 17, 2007
    I bought myself a R4 today and I got problem whit connecting my mircoSD card (Sandisk 2Gb) to my computer.
    With the R4 it came some kind of mirco sd-usb addapter or whatever, so I guessd the mircosd card should go into the usb-thingie that came with the R4, and the mircoSD card seem to fit good there, but when I plugg it into my computer, and it cant find the card , it seem to find the usb-thingie....but nothing on it.
    Please help me.
    Is it the wrong kind of sd-card or am I plugging it in wrong.

    Omg. Someone should shoot me in the face.
    I pushed it to soft. It works now. kthxbi!