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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by CannonFoddr, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. CannonFoddr

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    Sep 23, 2006
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    Ok - first some background

    > Had 'Virgin' 4.2E Wii
    > Used SoftModGuide & managed to install Homebrew Channel and BootMii (as boot2) (No Problems)
    > Made a 'NAND' (?!) backup using bootMii
    > Got 'WiiMC' installed & (finally) managed to get it to be able to play DVD's (could not get the required IOS202 [!] installed 'offline' though - had to use Nintendo USB WiFi Adaptor & do it 'online')
    > Used 'Pimp My Wii' & got it to 'updates' quite a few things (didn't change any settings - just let it do it's thing) using 'online' method

    After this I could play DVD's & run DoomWii from the SD through the Homebrew Channel, & had access to online shop (phew!!!)

    I've tried reading all the other guides & getting more confused over 'install this ios', or 'that cios' or 'WAD' or whatever, so now onto my request/Questions.....

    What do I need to be able to do the following.....
    • 1) Copy my (paid for) Wii/Gamecube games onto a USB HDD
      2) Be able to place each game as a 'Channel' on front Wii menu (the one that shows the Disk), so I don't have to run Homebrew channel (or whatever is usually used) to play the game
    Ideally an idiots proof step-by-step guide would be handy

    Many thanks in Advance (just remember I am a COMPLETE newbie to this - so don't really know what IOS/CIOS/WAD etc are)
  2. Riley

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    Format your USB Drive to FAT32
    Make a wbfs folder on your drive ( this is where all the games will go into )
    Use cfg-loader as your usb loader.
    Install the forwader channel onto your wii menu for easy access to the loader.
    Press the + button to install the game to your usb drive.
    If you have the game as .iso on your computer, use Wii Game Manager to convert the .iso to .wbfs
    Put the .wbfs in USB:/wbfs/gameid.wbfs.
    Then just select the games on the usb loader and press start.
    Certain games need certain settings to work. Use GOOGLE.

    As of now you cannot run GC games from usb.

    What you need to have installed:
    ciosx rev 19, use 38 as BASE
    Hermes cios
  3. CannonFoddr

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Sitting by computer
    Thanks for the info but... as I said - complete newbie

    > I've downloaded the cfg_loader
    > Copied the contents of 'inSDRoot' to the SD card
    >Downloaded and installed '' and installed onto SD card
    > Formatted the USB HDD to FAT32
    > Made a wbfs folder on the drive

    Plugged in the HDD & tried starting it up, used Homebrew channel & tried running the cfg loader - & all I got was a black screen with configurable usbloader & u56 249' in bottom right corner
    Pressing any button on the Wii remote & all I get is 4 flashing leds'

    I must be doing something wrong & i guess its something to do with all the rest of the gobbly-gook
    One page is telling me to use 'Hermes' instead of 'IOS249' - WTF ??
    Another showing something about downloads cfg56.dol, cfg56-222.dol,
    You say something about a 'forwader channel' - where's this ??

    What's with all these dol,cios,xcios, etc ?? - what are they, where do I put them, where do I GET them, what do I do with all these different files ??

    how do I know what cios,ios, etc I have installed already (what DID 'Pimp My Wii actually do if it didn't install something ??)

    Please Please help

    EDIT: NVM - I've decided to look through youtube videos to see where I'm going wrong with installing WADS etc
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