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Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by I2aven's_Sag, May 10, 2012.

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    I currently have a PSP-3000 running CFW 6.20 Pro-B10. I decided to purchase Legend of the Dragoon from the PSN store, but I found that I couldn't install it because (I suspect) it runs a check for 6.60 (or whatever the latest PSP firmware is).
    I have the permanent CFW patch installed at the moment, but I was wondering whether I would have to upgrade to 6.60 PRO & how to go about it. I'm scrounging around looking for the USB cord, (too many cords!).
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    If you want to run a game that requires 6.60 on 6.20 Pro-B10 you need to put a 6.60 version.txt in your "seplugins" folder on the root of your memory stick and enable it in the recovery menu under configuration (I don't have my PSP right now, but I think that's the location).

    Here's a link to the 6.60 version.txt:

    There should be other tutorials on that forum about version.txt so search if you need to.

    Once you enable the file in the recovery menu you can check to make sure it's enabled by going into system information. It should appear listed like a regular 6.60 OFW version would be.

    After its enabled you should be able to run anything that requires that firmware. I assume game installs would work with it the same way.
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    If you do want to upgrade you can just run the perm patch installer and choose to uninstall and then you'll be free to upgrade, but yeah you can just use the version spoof since it's not like Sony's done anything games need in a long time.
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