CBHC + RedNAND Issue?

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    Dec 28, 2016
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    So after spending quite a bit of time installing games and basically doing everything I want on sysNAND CFW using CBHC, I decided to start messing around with the system. Thus my decision to use RedNAND.

    When I'm in RedNAND, I'm able to boot it up just fine using Mocha, but I have issues whenever I boot a title/app? Getting into a title is fine, but whenever I close its software the CBHC boot screen shows up (where I can select system menu, homebrew channel, mocha, etc.) and kind of just hangs at whatever I select. Sometimes it autoboots into system menu from there, but hangs at the Wii U logo and the Mocha splash image doesn't show.

    I only have this issue in RedNAND

    It gets annoying because I have to keep restarting my system and loading it