Can't see friends in the Pokemon BW Wi-Fi Club?

Discussion in 'NDS - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by Aster Selene, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Aster Selene

    Aster Selene Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    United States
    I double checked my friend code and my friends' friend codes and every time I enter the Wi-Fi room, they don't show up. It's with more than one friend so it's definitely a problem on my side and we've tried multiple times on multiple days.

    (I'm also wondering if the fact I use desmume and had to reset my wi-fi settings and put my friend code in again had anything to do with it. But it shouldn't since I reset it several times and it still worked fine, up until now...)

    All other Wi-Fi functions work like Mystery Gift and Dream World - it's just whenever I walk into the Wi-Fi room, it's completely empty...
  2. Kyouhei

    Kyouhei Official 任天堂 Lover

    Aug 18, 2011
    desmume WI-FI is not perfect. chances are its the Emulator...since not all features work in the emulator's WI-FI
  3. chavosaur

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    Mar 11, 2012
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    Huntersville, NC
    Yeah I'm pretty sure the emulator is to blame, because i can run this game on my flash cart and still connect with friends with little to no difficulty