Can't install Unsupported CIAS

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    Mar 8, 2016
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    I need a little guidance. So I followed the guide on reddit which includes downgrading from 9.6 to 9.2 which was successful and setting up Cake EMU in which I also set up BigBlueMenu on along with Tiny Format, Devmenu and FBI and it's on latest firmware.

    I'm not sure how I should proceed to install unsupported CIAs

    Do I have to restart everything over to get rxTools going?
    How do I get access to Pasta on EMU lastest firmware on Cakes?
    Is it not possible to have both rxTools and Cakes?
    Is there a way to just uninstall Cakes and replace it with rxtools without nuking the entire EMU ( took me like 2-3 hrs to put it together)...

    Many thanks for taking out the time to read this
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    Give AuReiNAND a try.

    Although I don't really get what you're asking.
    Anyways, changing CFW will not remove your emuNAND, they all share it. So you don't have to start all over. It's as easy as deleting the Cakes files and dragging the files from the new CFW. (Don't forget the firmware files though.)
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